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Sensi: Alan Stone 2nd Dan

Jikishin Ju Jitsu
Head of Jikishin Ju Jitsu 

Brian Herbert started his Ju Jitsu career in 1976 training with the brothers Roy & Ray Huggins, after starting in Karate, Brian saw a demonstration of Ju Jitsu, and felt that the Art would better suited, as there are more rounded skills than kicking, punching and take downs.
Brian started his first club in Corringham, East Essex in 1981 after receiving his 1st Dan, and due to his dedication and diligence the club built a dedicated and loyal following.
Brian's philosophy in Ju Jitsu is simple - because of the methods of training the sport is suitable for people of all ages, has no limits with regard to size and women and men train in the same techniques. Ju Jitsu caters for all , helps build self confidence and encourages friendship and cooperation.
Brian has ambitions for Jikishin to continue the success built by Terry & Janet Parker, encourage the competitive spirit, particularly within the juniors. Jikishin has seen considerable success in the International arena, and with the young Ju Jitsoka coming through and well trained for competition, further success is sure to follow.
As a member of the Board of the BJJA(GB) Brian hopes to promote Ju Jitsu and Jikishin through the Governing Body, and is further involved with the training of the National JJIF Team as National Coach.
Although there are no immediate changes to the syllabus in the pipeline at the moment, Sensei Herbert has some definite ideas on where Jikishin will go in the future, he says
"We have seen a recent introduction of a new Nun Chaku Kata, into the high grades Ko Budo (weapons) syllabus, however I do not intend to continue to introduce more and more weapons Kata, I would rather like to see old Kata replaced by the new giving the opportunity to improve the overall weapons standard.
It is important that the high grades do not concentrate too much on weapons, I want to see improvements in the syllabus and teaching of the syllabus - concentrating on the Ju Jitsu / self defence aspects. It is imperative that I carry the senior grades along with me in getting these improvements in place, and I know I can rely on our instructors to assist in this goal. I also feel that there is a need to improve the overall level of Groundfighting skills, in particular with the youngsters, and this means getting our coaches up to speed so that we can pass along these essential skills. You can expect Groundfighting to be more prominent in the syllabus in the future."

Previous Head of Jikishin Ju Jitsu

Professor Terry Parker 8th Dan is the President of the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association. He is a founder member of the BJJA(GB), the UNJJ and has been active as the Southeast Area Co-ordinator. He is responsible for keeping a record of all the BJJA(GB) clubs and instructors in the South East of England and ensure that the highest standards are upheld in all Jikishin Ju Jitsu and other BJJA(GB) clubs in his region.